Welcome to the AMA Japan College Campus

Student Dormitory and Rental Apartments

Student Dormitory

House NameAMA Dormitory
Minimum contract is 3 months.
Rental Fee56,000 Yen per month (plus tax)
This rent includes water, electricity, and Internet Access.
Bed, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Microwave Oven,
Hot Water Kettle,  and  Nearby Bicycle Parking, and Free WiFi.
3 to persons per room
OtherIncludes 3 meals per day.
The AMA Japan College is next door

Example of our Rental Apartments

DepositOne month’s rent. 
Minimum contract is 3 months
Rent30,000 Yen per month (plus tax)
Water & Electricity will be billed separately
Bed, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven,  Air Conditioner, and Shared Bicycle Parking
2 persons per room
Other20-minute commute to school by bicycle.

Dorm and Apartment contracts do NOT include bedding, blankets or futons. Please buy your own futons set or sheets, pillows and bedding when you arrive.
● Room and roommate preferences will be considered in assigning rooms, but can NOT be guaranteed.
● Room availability is limited in the dormitory. Not everyone can get a dormitory room.
● Residents will be liable (and billed separately) for any damage to the building or furniture beyond normal use or natural disaster, etc.
● Residents who wish to move out early must notify us at least one month in advance.
● The last day of a contract will be the last day of a calendar month.
Students interested in renting apartments or dormitory rooms should contact us at least one month before the entrance ceremony.

Student Dormitory


The AMA Dormitory Cafeteria (AMANO Cafe)

Adjacent to AMA Japan College is a restaurant that offers meals to students who live in the student dormitories. It also operates as a café used by the neighbors. Here you can hang out, do your homework, or practice your Japanese with locals of Amagasaki.

Neighborhood Shopping

Near the Apartments are a COSTCO , an EON Department Store and much more.  These are great places to get big discounts on your groceries, daily necessities, clothes, etc. Nearby the school, there is a shopping street lined with lots of stores and small shops. Along these streets are a dozens of  restaurants, and few big supermarkets. There is also a three “100 Yen Shops” that are always popular with students on a budget. Indeed, we think you will find it convenient to eat and shop right here in the neighborhood of the apartments and the school.

Student and Teacher Reference Library

AMA Japan College has a library facility with various types of Japanese books. There are study books for IT, medicine, and Japanese. Students can acquire not only Japanese skills but also professional skills. Students  welcome to use the PC’s and printers installed in the library.