Teaching Philosophy

AMA Japan College aims to train individuals who are mentally and physically healthy, developing the Japanese proficiency and cultural understanding that they can use to pursue their ambitions.


Member of the Big Valley International Group

The College is run by Big Valley International Co., Ltd., a tech company also known as BVI. Big Valley International focuses on information systems for the medical industry and the senior care nursing field. BVI is hiring and training people born outside of Japan as part of its strategy to bring new ideas and talent to the city, helping to make Amagasaki more well-known as a World-Class place to live, work and create.



Name AMA Japan College
Address 1-16-3 Kuise Honmachi Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture  〒660-0814
Tel from overseas
Fax from overseas
Homepage https://amajc.ac.jp/
Principal Mikio Matsumoto
Operating Company Big Valley International Co., Ltd.
Founder Kazuhiko Otani (CEO of Big Valley International Co., Ltd.)

AMA Japan College Catalogue 


Message From Representative

The city of Amagasaki is a very convenient place, just outside of Osaka and between Kobe and Kyoto. With low rents and many small businesses nearby it is very easy to live and shop here.

Recently, this city was rated as the Best City in the area. I agree. Since I was born and grew up here in Amagasaki, I remember the good old days when it was known as the Industrial Capital of Japan. While most of the factories have moved out, I would like to see Amagasaki city again blooming with life and energy. This time with the new cleaner industries of education and high technology. The area where my school is located is full of kindness. We open our doors now to share that spirit with the world. The local shopping streets are full of promise for international students. Come join me.

The cost of living in Amagasaki is among the lowest of the region. All around there are signs of reform and development. I am, therefore, planning a region project with talented international students to revitalize the region. I think that if international students and local residents live and work together it will be mutually beneficial. It will help Amagasaki play a more important role on the world stage. I hope you will come join us in this project. While acquiring Japanese language skills you will also be participating in the opening up of Amagasaki to the world.


Message From Principal

“Why are you coming to study in Japan?
Because you want to speak Japanese?
Because you want to earn money?
Or is it filial piety?
Any of these reasons are good, but that is not all.

We were born to make everyone happy.
Not only myself but also everyone around us.
Not only our own country but also the world.
How can we make everyone happy?
What kind of effort should we make?

For us, everyone’s happiness is a goal at AMA.
While learning Japanese language and culture,
you will sharpen your mind and gain personal confidence.”


Operating Company Information

Big Valley International Co., Ltd.

We develop systems for medical care, senior care, logistics, and more.
Our company is trusted as an application partner of InterSystems due to our strength in Caché database programming.
A development site based in Cambodia is part of our group.
And we operate a Japanese language school and a cafe in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Contact Us

Casa Fujii 2F, 1-23-2 Honmachi Kuise
Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture
〒660-0814 Japan
TEL:06-4868-3778 FAX:06-4868-3768
Homepage: Big Valley International
( https:/bvi.jp )